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Drop shipping is a type of business partnership where you, as our registered partner, sell the products to your own website or auction site on behalf of SmarChannel, the wholesaler/drop shipper. SmartChannel has created an easy solution to help you find brand name products and easily sell them online. You won’t need to worry about warehousing products. All the products are drop ship by the supplier directly to your customers.

Drop shipping allows you to sell the products without having to stock them. This is good way to start a business as you don’t have a cost of buying in bulk and storing products. This means you sell and get paid for the product first before you order it through drop shipper. You don’t have to spend any money up front. You don’t pay the drop shipper for the product until you’ve been paid by your customer. You don’t have to pack the items, address it and take it to the post office

If a product doesn’t sell, you don’t have to buy it. When the product is purchased, you don’t have the hassle of shipping the orders to your customers. We take care of this for you.

So here’s how it works – first, browse our website and find products to sell. Next, list and sell the product by uploading the product information to your own website or auction sites. When the product sells, you collect the money from the buyer and then place your order with SmartChannel. The product is shipped directly to your customer. You don’t have to store, box, label, or ship anything. As for your profit, you keep the difference between what you charge to your customer and the wholesale cost of the product. It’s that easy, really. We provide the products, resources, and service to grow your business.